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Virginia LGBTQ+ Advisory Board

April 11, 2021, marks the one year anniversary of the Virginia Values Act being signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam. More progress is being made in April of 2021!

On Monday, April 26th the Governor's Office is signing the LGBTQ+ Advisory Board bill!

The LGBTQ Advisory Board law goes into effect July 1st!

The General Assembly recently passed legislation establishing a new advisory board that will advise the Governor regarding the development of economic, professional, cultural, educational, and governmental links between the Commonwealth and the LGBTQ+ community in Virginia. The Board will be composed of 21 nonlegislative citizen members, at least 15 of whom shall identify as LGBTQ+, to be appointed by the Governor, and the Secretaries of the Commonwealth, Commerce and Trade, Education, Health and Human Resources, and Public Safety and Homeland Security, or their designees, who shall serve as ex officio members.

Governor Northam has been a strong advocate for the creation of this board and is looking forward to signing it into law:

“We are making tremendous progress on the issues that matter most to Virginians, from health care and education to economic opportunity and our environment,” Northam said in a press release, which announced a series of equity-related measures he signed. “I am proud to sign these bills into law, and I look forward to continuing our work together to support families and small businesses and build a more welcoming, inclusive commonwealth.”

This will be the first statewide advisory board to help guide our state on outreach, policy, and specifics relating to LGBTQ+ Virginians.

Other equity-related bills Northam signed on March 19 include one that orders the removal of a statue of former governor and avid segregationist Harry Byrd, Sr., from Capitol Square in Richmond, another that requires state agencies to establish diversity plans and a third that authorizes the renaming of a section of Lee Highway in Arlington County.

This is further progress and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in the state of Virginia. We are very excited abut these new these initiatives!


Governor Northam's Office

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