• Karen McPhail

Reflections About Pride Month

Happy Pride Month!

Covid-19 clearly means that we cannot celebrate Pride in the usual manner that we are accustomed to. For safety this year we cannot physically be together as a community at local gatherings, events, parades, and more. However, we want all LGBTQIA+ individuals to know that we are here and stand with you no matter where we may be and no matter what the circumstances are that we may have to navigate past!

Pride celebrates our victories, the promotion of self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and the increased visibility of LGBTQIA+ individuals. This will not change irrespective of where we are! We will have Pride and we will celebrate!

The LGBT older adult population in this areas has spoken and Aging Rainbows was formed! LGBT older adults will no longer be ignored, marginalized, and disregarded! LGBT older adults will be respected, valued, and supported!

With support from state and local government, local community centers, heath care providers, care communities, and associated organizations we have been able to make positive change happen! Inclusive care and services is a right for all and our initiatives will continue in this regard! Today and every day we celebrate our victories and continue to push forward in making positive changes and helping individuals to feel safe and valued!

Reach out if you would like to be more involved in Aging Rainbows or need assistance! We are here to help!

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