• Karen McPhail

Prescription Drug Refills: Proactive Planning During Covid-19

Updated: Apr 10

I hope that this blog finds you well, safe, and at home! As we all continue social distancing and isolation due to Covid-19 many of us need to quickly become effective proactive planners! Planning is critical at this time for many areas including groceries, medications, protective equipment, and more!

One emerging challenge is the ability to refill common prescription medications at some of the chain pharmacies. Several pharmacies have recently been unable to obtain some of the most common prescription drugs such as the antihypertensive medication Losartan. When I inquired about some common medications today I was told that they "had no idea when more would be coming and that I simply would have to call around to find a pharmacy that may have the medication in stock." It is therefore critical at this time to stay ahead of your refills and check in to ensure that they are in fact being processed. Do not assume! In addition, do not wait until you are out of or almost out of medications; refill as soon as your plan will allow you to do so. Ask your physician to call in a 90 day supply to be dispensed for all of your medications if possible! Seek out delivery to ensure that you are limiting Covid-19 exposure and transmission and of course spray and wipe off all items delivered to your home with an approved cleaner! If you are unable to find a pharmacy that can fill your medication contact your physician timely for a phone discussion or Telehealth consult so that an alternate medication can be considered and prescribed if possible. If you need a recommendation or someone to facilitate this process reach out via our contacts tab as we are here to help!

Stay safe and well!


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