• Karen McPhail

Our Newest Inclusive Care Provider - A Family Tie!

Welcome A Family Tie - Personal Senior Service Consultants!

When facing an important life changing decision, you don’t need to do it alone! Lean on A Family Tie to help you navigate senior living with ease. With over 50 years of local senior housing experience, they have helped hundreds of older adults and their significant others find AND transition to a senior living option that matches their unique needs at NO COST!

A Family Tie has created a PERSON-CENTERED approach to helping you find the best fit for your situation:

  1. They come to you and meet you where you are!

  2. Service Consultants carefully assess your needs and preferences (medical, social, geographical, and financial).

  3. They schedule and tour housing and lifestyle options with you providing insight into inclusive care communities along the way!

  4. They provide support on transition/move-in day as needed/requested.

  5. A Service Consultant will follow you post transition for 30 days to insure a happy adjustment to your new home!

  6. With every step, they are there for their clients, from the selection process through the transition.

If you need guidance in finding an inclusive care community please reach out them via our home page by scrolling down to the inclusive care providers section and selecting their contacts button which will take you directly to their website!

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