• Karen McPhail

Covid Vaccine Roll Out!

We have endured many challenges over the past few months! Experiencing months and months of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, isolation, and for some health and financial hardships as Covid-19 has continued to pervade every aspects of our daily lives. We now see a glimmer of hope on the horizon as the Pfizer vaccine has recent received FDA approval as a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. Health care providers and those in congregate care, long term care settings will be a part of an early wave to receive this vaccination.

We anticipate beginning COVID-19 vaccination rollout in the Virginia area in long term care communities in early 2021.

We are being proactive in preparing individuals for this this rollout by providing updates on vaccine specifics, timing, and the best manner in which to receive the vaccine series early. We want to ensure that we keep individuals informed of the timing of vaccination clinics and more as things continue to unfold. These are the very first of positive steps for the future!

In preparation for the vaccination roll out, begin planning! Speak with your family and your health care providers now about your decision regarding receiving this vaccine. The initial vaccine series will be provided in two doses, spaced three or four weeks apart, so it is critical to have a clear plan in place on how you wish to proceed. Opportunities for vaccination will be limited initially, so it is important that you have a very clear plan and decision in place when the opportunity to be vaccinated is presented. Individual health related aspects need to be considered with input from your health care provider, but vaccination is generally and may be the best next step to take in protecting yourself from Covid-19. Those with some preexisting conditions and allergies may require additional guidance and specific measures.

We will continue to provide updates as things unfold and will as always address all questions relating to the covid vaccine series and associated details regarding the rollout. We aim to provide the most up to date information to our readers.

Please continue to be prudent and mindful by following our recommended guidelines for wellness and covid prevention by - wearing masks over the nose and mouth, social distancing, washing your hands often, avoid unnecessary touching when out and about, and disinfecting high touch areas and items.

Please see the state of Virginia revised vaccine allocation prioritization plan below:

Also, see the upcoming Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee December 17, 2020 Meeting Announcement link below:

If outside of Virginia, please see your state specific information for details relating to your area and the vaccine roll out plan for your state.





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