• Karen McPhail

Community Outreach and Education Continues!

As we are all still trying to navigate in what is now the new normal with social distancing, virtual meetings, gatherings and more, Aging Rainbows is still here moving forward in providing support, resources, and furthering our initiatives in terms of community outreach and education.

We recently participated in a virtual panel discussion program through the Fairfax County Area Agency on Aging and provided Retirement Unlimited with an organizational wide inclusive care educational program on supporting LGBT older adults and providing for inclusive care and services!

At the end of the program participants were asked, what is one thing that you will do differently to be more sensitive to LGBT older adults starting today? I wanted to share some of their answers:

  • Using open ended questions in our initial 'discovery' conversations and incorporating the suggested, "who do you consider family?"

  • Having organizational training ambassadors to be conscious of the language used while completing oral histories of new residents (and re-phrasing where appropriate to be more inclusive).  

  • Remaining mindful of how we communicate with the broader community - including families and employees. 

  • Providing opportunity for all members of the community to share as they feel comfortable, and working to encourage authentic living.

  • History truly is the starting point for learning... I "get it" now!

Through our free training sessions and programs we are making positive changes in many organizations and care communities. If your organization would like to have free educational programs on inclusive care and services please reach out via our contacts tab today! We are here to guide, support, foster collaborative relationships, and provide for inclusive care settings! Everyone should have choices and the ability to live authentically!

Organizations that complete training and commit to our inclusive guidelines will be listed free of charge on the Aging Rainbows website with their logo and a link to their business.

Together we can make positive change happen! If you have an idea or want to become more involved in our organization please reach out as we love hearing from you! Remember to routinely check out our was to navigate resources and programs and events tabs and follow us on Facebook to stay in the know!

Stay safe and well!

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