• Karen McPhail

Additional Resources and Support During These Challenging Times and Beyond...

As the Covid-19 challenges continue and we are uncertain about how long state quarantines and restrictions will be in place, we need to have further mechanisms for support and safe social contact. At Aging Rainbows we are trying to connect with others and bridge the gap to help form positive relationships and mechanisms for guidance and support!

SAGEConnect is a new volunteer driven program to help combat the loneliness that many older adults feel even more so during this time. Individuals can reach out to Sage and receive an at least weekly phone call from a volunteer to check in, provide Sage information and resources, and to simply chat! If you would like to sign up for SAGEConnect calls visit: SAGEConnect is a safe, social support program. Stay safe, well, and connected!

Here are some additional resources below that may assist during this time and beyond:

LGBT Elder Hotline: 877-360-5428

Local Area Agency on Aging can be found:

Local LGBT Centers can be found:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255,

NYC Anti-violence Project: 212-714-1141

SAGE Affiliate Network:

Contact us today if you require additional support or resources! You are not alone, we are here to help!

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