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A Call to Action for LCPS! We Need Everyone's Help!

At Aging rainbows we feel strongly about these issues and hence wanted to share this information with our readers this am! Below is a call to action!


The issue of diverse books and practices at LCPS is really heating up. There is an informational item on tomorrow night's school board meeting agenda on this topic 9.05 Department of Instruction: Classroom and School Libraries.

Here are a few actions you can take:

1) Please attend tomorrow night's school board meeting in purple to show support for our LGBTQ+ community.

2) Sign up to speak at this link

3) Email the school board at

4) Share this information with your networks.

This issue will make our Democratic school board candidates vulnerable because the opposition is on a smear campaign. There was a robo call that went out in Sterling over the weekend supporting Brenda Sheridan's opponent. It said Brenda supports pornography in our schools because she supports diverse books. This is false.

Equal rights and representation in our schools should NOT be a partisan issue. But the reality is the Republican endorsed candidates have committed to removing gender identity and sexual orientation from LCPS policy 1040. I have attached Equality Loudoun's press release on this issue.

One of the groups leading the charge on this is You can see their candidate questionnaire in their September Newsletter. Jeff Morse did not responded but he has voted against these protections on 2 occasions. On their "about us" page, Parent and Child Loudoun references Family Watch International, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a "hate group", and Protect Child Health Coalition, which Family Watch International facilitates. We should call out their affiliation with extremist groups.

There are already 44 speakers signed up, mostly opposition. Here are some helpful links

Information about the Diverse Classroom libraries is here and the FAQ is here

Here is the Facebook event

Sign up to speak here

Here are some recent articles

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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