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The DC Center

A variety of groups meeting regularly now via Zoom. Post Covid - exceptional groups and programs.

LGBTQ Virtual Social Hour Monthly!

Join in Monthly!  

LGBTQ folks of all ages and abilities are invited to Capitol Hill Village’s LGBTQ social hour! Participants will come together twice a month to connect with others, combat isolation, and foster relationships. Capitol Hill Village, established in 2007, is a membership driven non-profit organization serving older adults in Capitol Hill and surrounding neighborhoods who wish to age in their community. 


ElderTG is a support and networking e-mail list for both MTF and FTM transsexual, transgender, and intersex persons aged 50 and older and SOFFAs (significant others, friends, family, and allies) of such persons. Both those who have been dealing with transgender/gender issues for a long time and those who are new to the issues are welcome.

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Fairfax County’s Virtual Center for Active Adults:

LGBT Caring Community Online Support Group

The LGBT Community Support: Caregiving for our Families and Friends support group offers a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender caregivers of adults with chronic health problems to discuss the unique issues of caring for their loved ones.  LGBT support groups, as well as places to socialize online. - LGBT support groups.


The Tribe Wellness Community- LGBT Online Support Group and Resources

Peer-to-peer support group for individuals living as LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.

The Healthy

ALGA Events and Activities

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Dulles Triangles Social Club

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Upcoming Special Events! 

See Aging Rainbows Facebook Page for our upcoming virtual events and educational programs!  

Aging Rainbows November Fall Intergenerational Sage Table Event 

December PM Meadowlark Gardens Holiday Walk in the Lights

Spring Drag Brunches 

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If you have a suggestion for an event or venue please contact us!  We also welcome collaboration with like minded organizations for our events!  Reach out via contacts tab at any time!